My Story

10014621_10154001376170282_2114125102126292922_nI’m Ashley. I’m a young aspiring minimalist, dwelling in inner-city New England. I am on a quest to live more naturally and holistically. I am trying to reconcile being a feminist and loving Jesus. I find myself slowly moving from the status-quo and prioritizing relationship, connection and passion. This blog is intended to explore and try to answer the question: what does it means to live an empowered, whole, meaningful life?

Even as feminism continues to grow, I believe there still exists a lack of honest, empowering dialogue about how real women can be free to experience life, free to experience art, free to experience God, and free to experience themselves. I’m on a journey myself to experience the best of all of these aspects of life, and I’d like to enter into the conversation with a community of people who are asking the same questions as me.

I also enjoy eating lots of carbs, cuddling with my three cats, adoring my wonderful husband & playing music with The Promise is Hope.


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